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Allison Gunter Bauman
Postdoctoral Fellow (JablonskiFarmtoSchool2)
Agricultural and Resource Economics
College of Agricultural Sciences

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    Bauman, Allison Lynn, Thilmany, Dawn D, (2017) Exploring Localized Economic Dynamics: Methods Driven Case Studies of Transformation and Growth in Agricultural and Food Markets Economic Development Quarterly. 31 3 244-254

    Bauman, Allison Lynn, Jablonski, Becca B.R., Thilmany, Dawn D, (2016) "Evaluating Scale and Technical Efficiency among Farms and Ranches with a Local Market Orientation" Agricultural and Applied Economics Association

    Thilmany, Dawn D, Conner, David, Deller, Steve, Hughes, David, Meter, Ken , Morales, Alfonso , Schmit, Todd , Swenson, David, Bauman, Allison Lynn, Goldenberg, Megan Phillips, Hill, Rebecca Lynn, jablonski, Becca, Tropp, Debra, (2015) "The Economics of Local Food Systems: A Toolkit to Guide Community Discussions, Assessments and Choices " USDA

    Bauman, Allison Lynn, Thilmany, Dawn D, jablonski, Becca, Shideler, David, (2015) "Smart Marketing: An Evolving Classification Scheme of Local Food Business Models. Cornell Food Industry Management April Smart Marketing article. " Cornell Dyson School

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