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Nathan Clark
Agricultural and Resource Economics
College of Agricultural Sciences

Clark Building Building, Room B332
  • MS, Colorado State University ; Master of Agriculture-Agricultural Education
  • Other, University of Arizona; Agricultural Education
  • BS, Michigan State University; Agriscience

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Clark, Nathan, Enns, Kellie J, Martin, Michael, (2014) "Agricultural Mechanic Psychomotor Skill Development for Pre-Service Teachers: An Action Research Approach" American Association for Agricultural Education

Clark, Nathan, Enns, Kellie J, (2013) "Agricultural Mechanics Round Robin Training Seminar" ACTER Annual Meeting Poster Abstract

Watanabe, S, Resch, M, Lilyestrom, W, Clark, Nathan, Hansen, Jeffrey C, Peterson, C, Luger, Karolin, (2010) Structural characterization of H3K56Q nucleosomes and nucleosomal arrays. Biochimica et biophysica acta 1799 5-6 480-6