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Michael Patrick Gray
Research Associate
San Luis Valley Research Center
College of Agricultural Sciences


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    Meyers, J I, Gray, Michael Patrick, Kuklinski, W, Johnson, L B, Snow, Christopher Davis, Black, 4th, W C, Partin, K M, Foy, Brian D, (2015) "Characterization of the target of ivermectin, the glutamate-gated chloride channel, from Anopheles gambiae." The Journal of experimental biology 218 Pt 10 1478-86

    Krajacich, Benjamin Joseph, Slade, J R, Mulligan, R T, Labrecque, B, Kobylinski, K C, Gray, Michael Patrick, Kuklinski, W S, Burton, T A, Seaman, Jonathan Allen, Sylla, M, Foy, Brian D, (2014) "Design and testing of a novel, protective human-baited tent trap for the collection of anthropophilic disease vectors." Journal of medical entomology 51 1 253-63

    Butters, Matthew Philip, Kobylinski, K C, Deus, K M, da Silva, I M, Gray, Michael Patrick, Sylla, M, Foy, Brian D, (2012) "Comparative evaluation of systemic drugs for their effects against Anopheles gambiae." Acta tropica 121 1 34-43

    Sylla, M, Kobylinski, K C, Gray, Michael Patrick, Chapman, Phillip Lee, Sarr, M D, Rasgon, J L, Foy, Brian D, (2010) "Mass drug administration of ivermectin in south-eastern Senegal reduces the survivorship of wild-caught, blood fed malaria vectors." Malaria journal 9 365

    Kobylinski, K C, Deus, K M, Butters, Matthew Philip, Hongyu, T, Gray, Michael Patrick, da Silva, I M, Sylla, M, Foy, Brian D, (2010) "The effect of oral anthelmintics on the survivorship and re-feeding frequency of anthropophilic mosquito disease vectors." Acta tropica 116 2 119-26

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