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Ryan Douglas Rhoades
Animal Sciences
College of Agricultural Sciences

Animal Sciences Building, Room
  • Ph D, Texas A&M University; Animal Science
  • MS, Texas A&M University; Animal Science
  • BS, Oklahoma State University; Animal Science
Personal Website:

Dr. Rhoades is an Assistant Professor and Beef Extension Specialist at Colorado State University. Previously, Ryan spent six years as a faculty member at the King Ranch® Institute for Ranch Management in Kingsville, TX. Ryan received a Ph.D. in Beef Cattle Production at Texas A&M University. In his current position, Ryan is responsible for developing, prioritizing, and implementing innovative statewide beef extension programs based on the Colorado beef industry needs. He has also worked closely with several national beef industry organizations to assist with strategic planning and the development of producer training tools. Ryan, his wife Jacqueline, and son Ryder live in Fort Collins, CO.

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