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Susan E Melzer
Soil and Crop Sciences
College of Agricultural Sciences

Plant Sciences Building, Room C-019
  • BS, Colorado State University; Geology
  • MS, University of Colorado; Sedimentary Geology
  • Ph D, Colorado State University; Pedology and Biogeochemistry

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Melzer-Drinnen, Susan E, Kelly, Eugene F, Chadwick, Oliver, (2011) Lithologic controls on biogenic silica cycling in South African savanna ecosystems. Biogeochemistry

Melzer-Drinnen, Susan E, Kelly, Eugene F, Knapp, Alan Keith, Smith, Melinda D, Blair, John, Kirkman, Kevin, (2010) Fire and grazing impacts on silica production and storage in grass dominated ecosystems Biogeochemistry

Melzer-Drinnen, Susan E, Budd, David, (2007) Retention of high matrix permeability in carbonate grainstones during progressive burial through shallow (300 to 500 m) subsurface realm Journal of Sedimentary Research