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Stephen J Wallner
Horticulture and Landscape Architecture
College of Agricultural Sciences

Shepardson Building, Room
  • Ph D, Iowa State University; Plant Physiology
  • MS, South Dakota State University; Botany
  • BS, South Dakota State University; Biology
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(2004) Growth response of four turfgrass species to salinity Agr Water Manage 66 97-111

(1991) Ethylene and Ethane Evolution during Cold-Acclimation and Deacclimation of Ponderosa Pine Can J Forest Res 21 601-605

(1990) Cell-Wall and Extensin Messenger-Rna Changes during Cold-Acclimation of Pea-Seedlings Plant Physiol 93 1021-1026

(1988) Freezing Woody Plant Stems Produces Acoustic Emissions J Am Soc Hortic Sci 113 636-639

(1988) Role of Regulation and Accumulation of Extensin in the Cell-Walls of Etiolated Pea-Seedlings Exposed to Stress Hortscience 23 802-802

(1987) Comparison of Freezing Tolerance in Cultured Plant-Cells and Their Respective Protoplasts Cryobiology 24 53-57

(1987) Demonstration That the Galactosyl and Arabinosyl Residues in the Cell-Wall Arabinogalactan of Mycobacterium-Leprae and Mycobacterium-Tuberculosis Are Furanoid Carbohyd Res 166 299-308

(1986) Basic Research Ideas and Opportunities for Horticulturists in Stress Physiology - Introduction to the Symposium Hortscience 21 1312-1313

(1986) Changes in Extracellular Polysaccharides during Cold-Acclimation of Cultured Pear Cells J Am Soc Hortic Sci 111 769-773

(1985) Effect of Temperature on Freezing and Heat-Stress Tolerance of Cultured Plant-Cells Cryobiology 22 191-195

(1985) Estimation of Cold Hardiness of Douglas-Fir and Engelmann Spruce Seedlings by Differential Thermal-Analysis of Buds Ann Appl Biol 106 393-397

(1984) Cell-Wall Changes in Pea and Wheat Seedlings during Cold-Acclimation Hortscience 19 548-548

(1984) Conditioning of Micropropagated Potato Plants for Improved Field Performance Hortscience 19 537-537

(1984) Drought and Growth Stage Interactions of Onion Hortscience 19 574-574

(1984) Dta of Seedling Douglas-Fir and Engelmann Spruce Buds Hortscience 19 549-549

(1984) Extracellular Polysaccharides and Freezing-Injury in Pear Cell-Cultures Hortscience 19 548-548

(1984) Heat-Shock Vs 30-Degrees-C Growth Effects on Pear Cell Heat Tolerance Hortscience 19 548-548

(1984) Heat-Stress Responses in Cultured Plant-Cells - Effect of Culture Handling and Age Plant Physiol 74 944-946

(1984) Heat-Stress Responses in Cultured Plant-Cells - Heat Tolerance Induced by Heat-Shock Versus Elevated Growing Temperature Plant Physiol 75 778-780

(1983) Effect of Water-Stress on Invitro Heat Tolerance of Turfgrass Leaves Hortscience 18 93-95

(1983) Heat-Stress Responses in Cultured Plant-Cells - Development and Comparison of Viability Tests Plant Physiol 72 817-820

(1982) Ecotypic Differences in Heat-Resistance of Aspen Leaves Hortscience 17 52-53

(1982) Effect of Growth Stage on the Relationship between Soil-Moisture Depletion and Evaporative Power of the Air in an Onion Field in Ne Colorado Hortscience 17 25-26

(1982) Heat-Stress Responses of Suspension-Cultured Pear Cells Hortscience 17 487-487

(1982) Lettuce Seed Differential Thermal-Analysis (Dta) Hortscience 17 26-26

(1982) Measurement of Turfgrass Heat Tolerance Invitro J Am Soc Hortic Sci 107 608-613

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