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Tracy A Mask
Animal Sciences
College of Agricultural Sciences

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    Klohonatz, Kristin Marie, Nulton, Lisa, Mask, Tracy, Bouma, Gerrit J, Bruemmer, Jason Edward, (2016) "The impacts of prostaglandin inhibitor (DIDS) on delaying diestrus in non-pregnant mares" Rocky Mountain Reproductive Symposium

    da Costa Santos, H. F., , Mask, Tracy, Splan, R. K., Hess, Tanja M, Bruemmer, Jason Edward, (2015) 34 Differential circulating microRNA profile in insulin-sensitive vs. insulin-resistant mares Journal of Equine Veterinary Science 35 5 398

    Mask, Tracy, Schoenecker, K A, Kane, A J, Ransom, J I, Bruemmer, Jason Edward, (2015) Serum antibody immunoreactivity to equine zona protein after SpayVac vaccination. Theriogenology 84 2 261-7

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