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Victoria Ashley Anderson
Research Associate - Wheat Breeding
Soil and Crop Sciences
College of Agricultural Sciences

Plant Sciences Building, Room
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    Haley, Scott D, Anderson, Victoria Ashley, (2018) Mapping and KASP marker development for wheat curl mite resistance in 'TAM 112' wheat using linkage and association analysis Molecular Breeding 38 119

    Beil, Craig Thomas, Anderson, Victoria Ashley, Haley, Scott D, (2017) Population Structure and Genetic Diversity Analysis of Germplasm from the Winter Wheat Eastern European Regional Yield Trial (WWEERYT) Crop Science

    Ostlie, M., Haley, Scott D, Anderson, Victoria Ashley, Shaner, D., Manmathan, Harish Kumarimandhiram, Beil, Craig Thomas, Westra, Philip, (2015) Development and characterization of mutant winter wheat (Triticum aestivum L.) accessions resistant to the herbicide quizalofop Theoretical and Applied Genetics 128 2 343-351

    Anderson, Victoria Ashley, Byrne, Patrick F, Lapitan, Nora LV, Peairs, Frank B, Bernardo, Amy, Bai, Guihua, Haley, Scott D, (2012) Inheritance and genetic mapping of Russian wheat aphid resistance in Iranian wheat landrace accession PI 626580 Crop science 52 2 676–682

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