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Andrew P Norton
Agricultural Biology
College of Agricultural Sciences

Plant Sciences Building, Room
  • Ph D, University of California, Berkeley; Entomology
  • BA, University of California, Santa Cruz; Biology
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Endriss, Stacy Biddlecomb, Vahsen, Megan, Bitume, Ellyn V, Monroe, Grey Grey, Turner, Kathryn G., Norton, Andrew P, Hufbauer, Ruth A, (2019) The importance of growing up: juvenile environment influences dispersal of individuals and their neighbours ECOLOGY LETTERS 22 1 45-55

Endriss, Stacy Biddlecomb, Alba, Christina, Norton, Andrew P, Pysek, Petr, Hufbauer, Ruth A, (2018) Breakdown of a geographic cline explains high performance of introduced populations of a weedy invader JOURNAL OF ECOLOGY 106 2 699-713

Gilman, Neyda Victoria, Sagàs, Jimena, Camper, Matt, Norton, Andrew P, (2017) A faculty-librarian collaboration success story: Implementing a teach-the-teacher library and information literacy instruction model in a first-year agricultural science course Library Trends 65 3 in press

Tuttle, Graham Michael, Katz, Gabrielle L, Friedman, Jonathan M, Norton, Andrew P, (2016) Ecological context conditions the impact of Russian olive in a heterogeneous riparian ecosystem Invasive Plant Science and Management

Bernklau, EJ, Hibbard, BE, Norton, AP, Bjostad, LB, (2016) Methyl anthranilate as a repellent for western corn rootworm larvae (Coleoptera: Chrysomelidae) Journal of economic entomology

Clark, Amy Lavonne, Norton, Andrew P, Jahn, Courtney Elaine, (2016) "Induced herbivory defense increases Canada thistle susceptibility to fungal pathogens" CSU Graduate Student Showcase

Clark, Amy Lavonne, Norton, Andrew P, Jahn, Courtney Elaine, (2016) "Epidemiology & Impact of a Rust Fungus on Canada Thistle" CSU Front Range Student Ecology Symposium

Cariveau, Daniel P, Norton, Andrew P, (2014) Direct effects of a biocontrol agent are greater than indirect effects through flower visitors for the alien plant Dalmatian toadflax (Linaria dalmatica: Scrophulariaceae) Biological invasions 16 9 1951–1960

Simmons, Mark, Norton, Andrew P, (2014) Divergent maximum-likelihood-branch-support values for polytomies Molecular phylogenetics and evolution 73 87–96

Williams, Wyatt I, Friedman, Jonathan M, Gaskin, John F, Norton, Andrew P, (2014) Hybridization of an invasive shrub affects tolerance and resistance to defoliation by a biological control agent Evolutionary applications 7 3 381–393

Bright, Donald E, Kondratieff, Boris C, Norton, Andrew P, (2013) First record of the splendid tamarisk weevil, Coniatus splendidulus (F.)(Coleoptera: Curculionidae: Hyperinae), in Colorado, USA The Coleopterists Bulletin 67 3 302–303

Simmons, Mark, Norton, Andrew P, (2013) Quantification and relative severity of inflated branch-support values generated by alternative methods: an empirical example Molecular phylogenetics and evolution 67 1 277–296

Delaney, K, Espeland, E, Norton, Andrew P, Sing, S, Keever, K, Baker, JL, Cristofaro, M, Jashenko, R, Gaskin, J, Schaffner, U, (2013) "Russian olive-a suitable target for classical biological control in North America? In: Wu, Yun; Johnson, Tracy; Sing, Sharlene; Raghu, S.; Wheeler, Greg; Pratt, Paul; Warner, Keith; Center, Ted; Goolsby, John; Reardon, Richard, eds" XIII International Symposium on the Biological Control of Weeds

Hufbauer, Ruth A, Wilbur, Hannah, Alba, Christina, Norton, Andrew P, (2013) The effect of insect herbivory on the growth and fitness of introduced Verbascum thapsus L NeoBiota 19 21

Blumenthal, Dana M, Norton, Andrew P, Cox, Samuel E, Hardy, Erik M, Liston, Glen E, Kennaway, Lisa, Booth, D Terrance, Derner, Justin D, (2012) Linaria dalmatica invades south-facing slopes and less grazed areas in grazing-tolerant mixed-grass prairie Biological Invasions 14 2 395–404

Williams, Wyatt, Norton, Andrew P, (2012) Native stem-boring beetles (Coleoptera: Bostrichidae) extensively and frequently feed on invasive Tamarix The Southwestern Naturalist 57 1 108–111

Simmons, Mark, Müller, Kai F, Norton, Andrew P, (2010) Alignment of, and phylogenetic inference from, random sequences: the susceptibility of alternative alignment methods to creating artifactual resolution and support Molecular phylogenetics and evolution 57 3 1004–1016

Blumenthal, Dana M, Norton, Andrew P, Seastedt, Timothy R, (2010) Restoring competitors and natural enemies for long-term control of plant invaders Rangelands 32 1 16–20

Williams, Wyatt I, Norton, Andrew P, (2009) "COS 110-6: A native herbivore's preference for invasive Tamarix sp. may limit the plant’s range expansion in the central United States" Ecological Society of America Annual Meeting

Cariveau, Daniel P, Norton, Andrew P, (2009) Spatially contingent interactions between an exotic and native plant mediated through flower visitors Oikos 118 1 107–114

Cariveau, Daniel P, Norton, Andrew P, (2008) "COS 72-10: Direct and indirect effects of the biological control agent, Mecinus janthinus, on the reproductive biology of the invasive plant, Linaria dalmatica" Ecological Society of America

Norton, Andrew P, Blair, Amy C, Hardin, Janet G, Nissen, Scott J, Brunk, Galen R, (2008) Herbivory and novel weapons: no evidence for enhanced competitive ability or allelopathy induction of Centaurea diffusa by biological controls Biological Invasions 10 1 79–88

Norton, AP, (2008) "Impact of host-plant water stress on the interaction between Mecinus janthinus and Linaria dalmatica" Proceedings of the XII International Symposium on Biological Control of Weeds: La Grande Motte, France, 22-27 April 2007 62

Bean, Dan, Norton, Andrew P, Jashenko, Roman, Cristofaro, Massimo, Schaffner, Urs, (2008) Status of Russian olive biological control in North America Ecological Restoration 26 2 105–107

English-Loeb, Greg, Norton, Andrew P, Gadoury, David, Seem, Robert, Wilcox, Wayne, (2007) Biological control of grape powdery mildew using mycophagous mites Plant Disease 91 4 421–429

MacKinnon, Daniel K, Hufbauer, Ruth A, Norton, Andrew P, (2007) Evaluating host use of an accidentally introduced herbivore on two invasive toadflaxes Biological Control 41 2 184–189

Simmons, Mark, Müller, Kai, Norton, Andrew P, (2007) The relative performance of indel-coding methods in simulations Molecular phylogenetics and evolution 44 2 724–740

Gadoury, DM, Seem, RCS, Wilcox, WF, Loeb, G, Norton, AP, Melidossia, H, (2007) "Very small sheep: How Tydeid mites interact with powdery mildews and plant hosts." The American Phytopathological Society 97 7 S141–S141

Bourchier, Rob, Hansen, RICH, Lym, RODNEY, Norton, Andrew P, Olson, DENISE, Randall, CAROL BELL, Schwarzlander, M, Skinner, LUKE, (2006) "Biology and biological control of leafy spurge" US Department of Agriculture Forest Health Technology Enterprise Team

English-Loeb, Greg, Norton, Andrew P, (2006) Lack of trade-off between direct and indirect defence against grape powdery mildew in riverbank grape Ecological entomology 31 5 415–422

Norton, Andrew P, (2006) "Review of: Biological Control of Invasive Plants in the United States" Great Plains Research: A Journal of Natural and Social Sciences 16 1 (Spring 2006)

MacKinnon, Daniel K, Hufbauer, Ruth A, Norton, Andrew P, (2005) Host-plant preference of Brachypterolus pulicarius, an inadvertently introduced biological control insect of toadflaxes Entomologia experimentalis et applicata 116 3 183–189

Norton, Andrew P, (2005) "Impact of host-plant water stress on the stem boring weevil Mecinus janthinus" The 2005 ESA Annual Meeting and Exhibition

Lloyd, Casandra J, Hufbauer, Ruth A, Jackson, Aaron, Nissen, Scott J, Norton, Andrew P, (2005) Pre-and post-introduction patterns in neutral genetic diversity in the leafy spurge gall midge, Spurgia capitigena (Bremi)(Diptera: Cecidomyiidae) Biological Control 33 2 153–164

Nihat, Demirel, Cranshaw, Whitney S, Norton, Andrew P, (2005) Survey of Lygus spp. And an associated parasitoid, Leiophron uniformis (Gahan), in Colorado. Southwestern Entomologist 30 1

English-Loeb, Greg, Norton, Andrew P, Gadoury, David, Seem, Robert, Wilcox, Wayne, (2005) Tri-trophic interactions among grapevines, a fungal pathogen, and a mycophagous mite Ecological Applications 15 5 1679–1688

Lloyd, Casandra J, Norton, Andrew P, Hufbauer, Ruth A, Bogdanowicz, Steven M, Nissen, Scott J, (2004) Microsatellite isolation from the gall midge Spurgia capitigena (Diptera: Cecidomyiidae), a biological control agent of leafy spurge Molecular Ecology Notes 4 4 605–607

Hanson, Brady, Garifullina, Gulnara F, Lindblom, Stormy Dawn, Wangeline, Ami, Ackley, Ashley, Kramer, Karen, Norton, Andrew P, Lawrence, Christopher B, Pilon-Smits, Elizabeth AH, (2003) Selenium accumulation protects Brassica juncea from invertebrate herbivory and fungal infection New Phytologist 159 2 461–469

English-Loeb, Greg, Norton, Andrew P, Walker, M Andrew, (2002) Behavioral and population consequences of acarodomatia in grapes on phytoseiid mites (Mesostigmata) and implications for plant breeding Entomologia Experimentalis et Applicata 104 2-3 307–319

Norton, Andrew P, (2002) Native grapes as sources for biological control agents in vineyards

MacKinnon, Daniel, Hufbauer, Ruth A, Norton, Andrew P, (2002) "Preference of a biological control agent of toadflaxes" The 2002 ESA Annual Meeting and Exhibition

Norton, Andrew P, English-Loeb, Greg, Belden, Edward, (2001) Host plant manipulation of natural enemies: leaf domatia protect beneficial mites from insect predators Oecologia 126 4 535–542

Hufbauer, Ruth A, Norton, Andrew P, MacKinnon, Daniel, (2001) "Population structure of an introduced beetle on its host plants, Linaria dalmatica and L. vulgaris" Entomological Society of America Annual Meeting

Udayagiri, Sujaya, Welter, Stephen C, Norton, Andrew P, others, , (2000) Biological control of Lygus hesperus with inundative releases of Anaphes iole in a high cash value crop. Southwestern Entomologist Suppl. 23 27–38

Udayagiri, Sujaya, Norton, Andrew P, Welter, Stephen C, (2000) Integrating pesticide effects with inundative biological control: interpretation of pesticide toxicity curves for Anaphes iole in strawberries Entomologia Experimentalis et Applicata 95 1 87–95

Norton, Andrew P, English-Loeb, Greg, Gadoury, David, Seem, Robert C, (2000) Mycophagous mites and foliar pathogens: leaf domatia mediate tritrophic interactions in grapes Ecology 81 2 490–499

English-Loeb, Greg, Norton, Andrew P, Gadoury, David M, Seem, Robert C, Wilcox, Wayne F, (1999) Control of powdery mildew in wild and cultivated grapes by a tydeid mite Biological control 14 2 97–103

Norton, Andrew P, Welter, Stephen C, (1996) Augmentation of the egg parasitoid Anaphes iole (Hymenoptera: Mymaridae) for Lygus hesperus (Heteroptera: Miridae) management in strawberries Environmental Entomology 25 6 1406–1414

Norton, Andrew P, Washburn, Jan O, Omi, Esther M, (1992) Axenic culture of Lambornella clarki (Ciliophora: Tetrahymenidae), an endoparasite of Aedes sierrensis (Diptera: Culicidae) Journal of Invertebrate Pathology 60 2 164–170

Norton, Andrew P, Welter, Stephen C, Flexner, J Lindsey, Jackson, CG, Debolt, Jack W, Pickel, Carolyn, (1992) Parasitism of Lygus hesperus (Miridae) by Anaphes iole (Mymaridae) and Leiophron uniformis (Braconidae) in California strawberry Biological Control 2 2 131–137

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