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Amy Olymbia Charkowski
Professor & Head, Dept of Bioagricultural Sciences & Pest Management
Bioagricultural Sciences and Pest Management
College of Agricultural Sciences

Plant Sciences Building, Room
  • Ph D, Cornell University; Plant Pathology
  • BS, University of Wisconsin-Madison; Biochemistry and Plant Pathology
Personal Website:

Fulladolsa, Ana Cristina, LaPlant, Kyle E., Groves, Russell L. , Charkowski, Amy Olymbia, (2018) Potato Plants Grown from Minitubers are Delayed in Maturity and Lower in Yield, but are not at a Higher Risk of Potato virus Y Infection than Plants Grown from Conventional Seed American Journal of Potato Research 95 1 45-53

Braun, Sarah, Gevens, Amanda, Charkowski, Amy Olymbia, Allen, Christina , Jansky, Shelley H., (2017) Potato Common Scab: a Review of the Causal Pathogens, Management Practices, Varietal Resistance Screening Methods, and Host Resistance American Journal of Potato Research 94 4 283-296

Charkowski, Amy Olymbia, (2016) "Rasputin effect: When commensals and symbionts become parasitic" Advances in Environmental Microbiology, Springer 3 147-168

Sundin, George W, Wang, Nian, Charkowski, Amy Olymbia, Castiblanco, Luisa F, Jia, Hongge, Zhao, Youfu, (2016) Perspectives on the transition from bacterial phytopathogen genomics studies to applications enhancing disease management: from promise to practice Phytopathology 106 1071-1082

Jansky, Shelley H, Charkowski, Amy Olymbia, Douches, David S, Gusmini, Gabe, Richael, Craig, Bethke, Paul C, Spooner, David M, Novy, Richard G, De Jong, Hielke , De Jong, Walter S. S, Bamburg, John B, Thompson, Asunta L., Bizimungu, Benoit , Holm, David G, Brown, Chuck R., Haynes, Kathleen G., Sathuvalli, Vidyasagar R., Veilleux, Richard E, Miller, J. Creighton, Bradeen, Jim M, Jiang, Jiming, (2016) Reinventing potato as a diploid inbred line-based crop Crop Science 56 1412-1422

Wang, Yan, Charkowski, Amy Olymbia, Zeng, Cuiyun, Zhu, Tiantian , Wang, Huizhen , Chen, Honggang , (2016) Phylogenetic and morphological identification of the novel pathogen of Rheum palmatum leaf spot in Gansu, China Mycobiology. 2016 Jun;44(2):93-98. 44 2 93-98

Thomas-Sharma, Sarah, Abdurahman, Abdulwahab, Ali, Shahid, Andrade-Piedra, Jorge L., Bao, S., Charkowski, Amy Olymbia, Crook, D., Kadian, Mohinder, Kromann, Peter, Struik, Paul C, Torrence, Leslie, Garrett, Karen A, Forbes, Greg A, (2015) Seed degeneration in potato: the need for an integrated seed health strategy to mitigate the problem in developing countries Plant Pathology 65 1 3-16

Charkowski, Amy Olymbia, (2015) Biology and Control of Pectobacterium in Potato American Journal of Potato Research 92 223-229

Fulladolsa, Ana Cristina, Navarro, Felix M, Kota, Rajitha, Severson, Kristi, Palta, Jiwan P, Charkowski, Amy Olymbia, (2015) Application of marker assisted selection for Potato Virus Y resistance in the University of Wisconsin potato breeding program American Journal of Potato Research 92 3 444-450

Mattupalli, Chakradhar, Glasner, Jeremy D., Charkowski, Amy Olymbia, (2014) A draft genome sequence reveals the Helminthosporium solani arsenal for cell wall degradation AMERICAN JOURNAL OF POTATO RESEARCH 91 5 517-524

Mattupalli, Chakradhar, Spraker, Joesph E., Berthier, Erwin, Charkowski, Amy Olymbia, Keller, Nancy P., Shepherd, Ryan W., (2014) "A microfluidic assay for identifying differential responses of plant and human fungal pathogens to tobacco phylloplanins" Plant Health Progress 15 130-134

Mattupalli, Chakradhar, Genger, Ruth K., Charkowski, Amy Olymbia, (2013) Evaluating incidence of Helminthosporium solani and Colletotrichum coccodes on asymptomatic organic potatoes and screening potato lines for resistance to silver scurf AMERICAN JOURNAL OF POTATO RESEARCH 90 4 369-377

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