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Carla Jane Weissend
Animal Sciences
College of Agricultural Sciences

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    Huebner, Katherine Louise, Martin, Jennifer Nicole, Weinroth, Margaret Dorothy, Holzer, Katlyn Laura, Weissend, Carla Jane, Abdo, Zaid, Metcalf, Jess Lynne, Geornaras, Gina, Parker, Jennifer Kristen, Morley, Paul S, Belk, Keith, (2017) "Effects of in-feed administration of a Saccharomyces cerevisiae fermentation product on the liver abscess microbiome and liver abscess rate in cattle reared to produce natural-branded beef." JOURNAL OF ANIMAL SCIENCE 95 130-130

    Weissend, Carla Jane, Holzer, Katlyn Laura, Huebner, Katherine Louise, Metcalf, Jess Lynne, Geornaras, Gina, Parker, Jennifer Kristen, Belk, Keith, Morley, Paul S, Martin, Jennifer Nicole, (2017) "The effect of tylosin supplementation and tylosin alternative control treatments on fecal microbial populations, performance, and liver abscess prevalence in feedlot cattle." JOURNAL OF ANIMAL SCIENCE 95 130-131

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