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Personnel Photo of Dale Thomas Manning
Dale Thomas Manning
Assistant Professor
Agricultural and Resource Economics
College of Agricultural Sciences

Clark Building Building, Room
  • Ph D, University of California-Davis; Agricultural and Resource Economics
  • BS, University of North Carolina-Chapel Hill; Business Administration, Environmental Studies

Originally from North Carolina. Studied at UNC-CH. Worked in DC for 2 years after. Grad Studies at UC-Davis and now at CSU.

Mutyasira, Vine, Hoag, Dana Loyd Keske, Pendell, Dustin L, Manning, Dale, (2019) Is Sustainable Intensification Possible? Evidence from Ethiopia. Sustainability Sustainability

Mutyasira, Vine, Hoag, Dana Loyd Keske, Pendell, Dustin L, Manning, Dale, Berhe, Melaku, (2018) Assessing the relative sustainability of smallholder farming systems in Ethiopian highlands AGRICULTURAL SYSTEMS 167 83-91

Suter, Jordan, Manning, Dale, Goemans, Christopher G, (2017) "Groundwater Laws Across the Ogallala Aquifer Region" Colorado Water

Maas, Alexander, Goemans, Christopher G, Manning, Dale, Kroll, Stephan, Arabi, Mazdak, Rodriguez McGoffin, Mariana, (2017) Evaluating the Effect of Conservation Motivations on Residential Water Demand Journal of Environmental Management 196 394-401

Sharp, Misti Dawn, Manning, Dale, Hoag, Dana Loyd Keske, (2016) "Uncertainty and Technology Adoption with Imperfect Property Rights: Lessons from the Arkansas River Valley" Agricultural and Applied Economics Association

Manning, Dale, Loomis, John B, (2016) Comparing WTP for Infrastructure using Contingent Behavior and Contingent Valuation Environment and Development Economics

Manning, Dale, Taylor, J. Edward, Wilen, James, (2016) General Equilibrium Tragedy of the Commons Environmental and Resource Economics

Manning, Dale, Uchida, Hirotsugu, (2016) Are Two Rents Better than None? When Monopolies Correct Ill-defined Property Rights Marine Resource Economics

Manning, Dale, Taylor, Edward, (2015) Agricultural Efficiency and Labor Supply to Common Property Resource Collection: Lessons from Rural Mexico Journal of Agricultural and Resource Economics

Manning, Dale, Hadrich, Joleen C., (2015) An Evaluation of the Social and Private Efficiency of Adoption: Anaerobic Digesters and Greenhouse Gas Mitigation Journal of Environmental Management

Manning, Dale, Means, Peter, Zimmerle, Daniel, Galvin, kathleen, Loomis, John, Paustian, Keith, (2015) Using Contingent Behavior Analysis to Measure Social Benefits and Private Returns from Rural Electrification in Developing Countries: An Example from Rwanda Energy Policy

Manning, Dale, Means, Peter Timothy, Zimmerle, Daniel J, Galvin, Kathleen, Loomis, John B, Paustian, Keith H, (2015) Using contingent behavior analysis to measure benefits from rural electrification in developing countries: an example from Rwanda ENERGY POLICY 86 393-401

Manning, Dale, Taylor, Edward, Wilen, James, (2014) Market Integration and Natural Resource Use in Developing Countries: A Linked Agrarian-Resource Economy in Northern Honduras Environment and Development Economics

Manning, Dale, Taylor, Edward, (2014) Migration and Fuel Use in Rural Mexico Ecological Economics

Wetzel, William, Lacher, Iara, Swezey, Daniel, (2010) "Williamson Act Policy Brief" Website

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