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Eric Philip Westra
Bioagricultural Sciences and Pest Management
College of Agricultural Sciences

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    Gaines, Todd, Barker, Abigail Lynn, Patterson, Eric, Westra, Philip, Westra, Eric Philip, Wilson, Robert G., Jha, Prashant, Kumar, Vipan, Kniss, Andrew R., (2016) EPSPS gene copy number and whole-plant glyphosate resistance level in Kochia scoparia PLOS ONE 11 12 e0168295

    Kumar, V., Jha, P., Giacomini, D., Westra, Eric Philip, Westra, Philip, (2015) Molecular Basis of Evolved Resistance to Glyphosate and Acetolactate Synthase-Inhibitor Herbicides in Kochia (Kochia scoparia) Accessions from Montana Weed Science 63 4 758-769

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