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Jane E Stewart
Assistant Professor
Bioagricultural Sciences and Pest Management
College of Agricultural Sciences

  • Ph D, Washington State University; Plant Pathology
  • MS, University of Vermont; Forestry
  • BS, University of Oregon; Biology
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Davis, Thomas Seth, Horne, Fiona B, Yetter, Jens C, Stewart, Jane E, (2018) Engelmann Spruce Chemotypes in Colorado and their Effects on Symbiotic Fungi Associated with the North American Spruce Beetle Journal of chemical ecology 1--10

Davis, Thomas Seth, Stewart, Jane E, Mann, Andrew J, Bradley, Clifford, Hofstetter, Richard W, (2018) Evidence for multiple ecological roles of Leptographium abietinum, a symbiotic fungus associated with the North American spruce beetle Fungal Ecology

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Stewart, Jane E, Ross-Davis, AL, Graҫa, RN, Alfenas, AC, Peever, TL, Hanna, JW, Uchida, JY, Hauff, RD, Kadooka, CY, Kim, M-S, others, , (2017) Genetic diversity of the myrtle rust pathogen (Austropuccinia psidii) in the Americas and Hawaii: Global implications for invasive threat assessments Forest Pathology 10.1111/efp.12378

Ritter, Scott Michael, Hoffman, Chad M, Ex, Seth, Stewart, Jane E, (2017) Impacts of lodgepole pine dwarf mistletoe (Arceuthobium americanum) infestation on stand structure and fuel load in lodgepole pine dominated forests in central Colorado BOTANY 95 3 307-321

Sitz, Rachael , Luna, Emily, Tisserat, Ned, Caballero, Jorge, Cranshaw, Whitney, Stewart, Jane, (2017) Virulence of genetically distinct Geosmithia morbida isolates to black walnut and their response to co-inoculation with Fusarium solani. Plant Disease 101 (1) 116-120

Stewart, JE, Otto, Kristen, Cline, GA, Dumroese, RK, Klopfenstein, NB, Kim, M-S, (2016) First Report of Fusarium proliferatum Causing Fusarium Root Disease on Sugar Pine (Pinus lambertiana) in a Forest Container Nursery in California Plant Disease

Kolb, Thomas E, Fettig, Christopher J, Ayres, Matthew P, Bentz, Barbara J, Hicke, Jeffrey A, Mathiasen, Robert, Stewart, Jane E, Weed, Aaron S, (2016) Observed and anticipated impacts of drought on forest insects and diseases in the United States Forest Ecology and Management

Glenn, Anthony E, Davis, C Britton, Gao, Minglu, Gold, Scott E, Mitchell, Trevor R, Proctor, Robert H, Stewart, Jane E, Snook, Maurice E, (2016) Two Horizontally Transferred Xenobiotic Resistance Gene Clusters Associated with Detoxification of Benzoxazolinones by Fusarium Species PloS one 11 1 e0147486

Stewart, Jane E, Brooks, Kyle, Brannen, Phillip M, Cline, William O, Brewer, Marin T, (2015) Elevated Genetic Diversity in the Emerging Blueberry Pathogen Exobasidium maculosum PloS one 10 7 e0132545

Stewart, Jane E, Turner, N. Ashley, Brewer, Marin T., (2015) Evolutionary history and variation in host range of three Stagonosporopsis species causing gummy stem blight of cucurbits Fungal Biology 119 5 370-382

Huang, Feng, Fu, Yushi, Nie, Danni, Stewart, Jane E, Peever, Tobin L, Li, Hongye, (2015) Identification of a novel phylogenetic lineage of Alternaria alternata causing citrus brown spot in China Fungal Biology 119 5 320-330

Stewart, Jane E, Kim, M S, Shuey, L, Sahashi, N, Ota, Y, Ashiglar, S, Schlub, R L, Cannon, P G, Klopfenstein, N B, (2015) "Population genomic analyses of the brown root-rot pathogen, Phellinus noxius, examine potential introductions to the Pacific islands" Phytopathology 105 132

Stewart, Jane E, Timmer, Lavern W, Lawrence, Christopher B, Pryor, Barry M, Peever, Tobin L, (2014) Discord between morphological and phylogenetic species boundaries: incomplete lineage sorting and recombination results in fuzzy species boundaries in an asexual fungal pathogen BMC evolutionary biology 14 1 38

Stewart, Jane E, Abdo, Zaid, Glenn, A. E., (2014) "Gene clusters FDB1 and FDB2 in Fusarium verticillioides were acquired through multiple horizontal gene transfer events" Phytopathology 104 11 114-114

Stewart, Jane E, Kroese, Duncan, Tabima, Javier F., Larsen, Meredith M., Fieland, Valerie J., Press, Caroline M., Zasada, Inga A., Gruenwald, Niklaus J., (2014) Pathogenicity, Fungicide Resistance, and Genetic Variability of Phytophthora rubi Isolates from Raspberry (Rubus idaeus) in the Western United States Plant Disease 98 12 1702-1708

Schoebel, Corine N, Stewart, Jane E, Grunwald, Niklaus J, Rigling, Daniel, Prospero, Simone, (2014) Population history and pathways of spread of the plant pathogen Phytophthora plurivora PLoSONE 9 1 e85368

Stewart, Jane E, Glenn, T., Brewer, M. T., (2014) "RADseq: A population genomics tool to study the genetic diversity of Exobasidium sp., an emerging blueberry pathogen" Phytopathology 104 11 153-153

Stewart, Jane E, Andrew, Marion, Bao, Xiaodong, Chilvers, Martin I, Carris, Lori M, Peever, Tobin L, (2013) Development of sequence characterized amplified genomic regions (SCAR) for fungal systematics: proof of principle using Alternaria, Ascochyta and Tilletia Mycologia 105 4 1077-1086

Stewart, Jane E, Kroese, D, Fieland, V, Zasada, IA, Grunwald, NJ, (2013) "Isolation and detection of Phytophthora rubi in raspberry (Rubus idaeus) production in the western United States" Phytopathology 103 139-139

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Kim, Mee‐Sook, Stewart, Jane E, Dumroese, R Kasten, Klopfenstein, Ned B, (2012) Occurrence of the Root Rot Pathogen, Fusarium commune, in Forest Nurseries of? the Midwestern and Western United States Phytopathology 160 2 112-114

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Stewart, Jane E, Abdo, Zaid, Dumroese, RK, Klopfenstein, NB, Kim, M‐S, (2012) Virulence of Fusarium oxysporum and F. commune to Douglas‐fir (Pseudotsuga menziesii) seedlings Forest Pathology 42 3 220-228

Humann, Jodi L, Wildung, Mark, Cheng, Chun-Huai, Lee, Taein, Stewart, Jane E, Drew, Jennifer C, Triplett, Eric W, Main, Doreen, Schroeder, Brenda K, (2011) Complete genome of the onion pathogen Enterobacter cloacae EcWSU1 Standards in genomic sciences 5 3 279

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Akamatsu, Hajime O, Chilvers, Martin I, Stewart, Jane E, Peever, Tobin L, (2010) Identification and function of a polyketide synthase gene responsible for 1, 8-dihydroxynaphthalene-melanin pigment biosynthesis in Ascochyta rabiei Current genetics 56 4 349-360

Peever, TL, Drader, T, Njambere, EN, Attanayake, RN, Stewart, Jane E, (2009) "Cloning and characterization of anonymous regions of Ascochyta lentis and a. Fabae genomes and suitability of these regions for phylogenetic analysis of Ascochyta species" Second International Ascochyta Workshop

Chilvers, Martin I, Rogers, Jack D, Dugan, Frank M, Stewart, Jane E, Chen, Weidong, Peever, Tobin L, (2009) Didymella pisi sp. nov., the teleomorph of Ascochyta pisi Mycological research 113 3 391-400

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Stewart, Jane E, Halik, S, Bergdahl, D R, (2002) "Conidiospores of the butternut canker fungus carried on the exoskeletons of three different potential beetle vectors" Phytopathology 93 6 133

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