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College of Agricultural Sciences Personnel Profile
Personnel Photo of Jude  Bayham
Jude Bayham
Assistant Professor of Agricultural and Resource Economics
Agricultural and Resource Economics
College of Agricultural Sciences

Clark Building Building, Room
  • Ph D, Washington State University; Economics
  • MS, University of Idaho; Agricultural Economics
  • BA, California State University, Chico; Economics

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Berry, Kevin, Anderson, Julia, Bayham, Jude, Fenichel, Eli P., (2018) Linking Time-Use Data to Explore Health Outcomes: Choosing to Vaccinate Against Influenza EcoHealth 15 2 291-301

Berry, Kevin, Bayham, Jude, Meyer, Spencer R., Fenichel, Eli P., (2018) The Allocation of Time and Risk of Lyme: A Case of Ecosystem Service Income and Substitution Effects Environmental and Resource Economics 70 3 631-650

Bayham, Jude, Cole, Kasey E., Bayham, Frank E., (2017) Social Boundaries, Resource Depression, and Conflict: A Bioeconomic Model of Territory Formation Quaternary International

Bayham, Jude, Fenichel, Eli P., (2016) "Capturing Household Transmission in Compartmental Models of Infectious Disease" Springer 329–340

Fenichel, Eli P., Abbott, Joshua K., Bayham, Jude, Boone, Whitney, Haacker, Erin M. K., Pfeiffer, Lisa, (2016) Measuring the value of groundwater and other forms of natural capital Proceedings of the National Academy of Sciences 113 9 2382–2387

Bayham, Jude, Kuminoff, Nicolai V., Gunn, Quentin, Fenichel, Eli P., (2015) Measured voluntary avoidance behaviour during the 2009 A/H1N1 epidemic Proc. R. Soc. B 282 1818

Espínola-Arredondo, Ana, Muñoz-Garcia, Félix, Bayham, Jude, (2014) The Entry-Deterring Effects of Inflexible Regulation Canadian Journal of Economics/Revue canadienne d’économique 47 1 298–324

Devadoss, Stephen, Bayham, Jude, (2013) US Ethanol Trade Policy: Pollution Reduction or Domestic Protection Review of International Economics 21 3 568–584

Devadoss, Stephen, Bayham, Jude, (2010) Contributions of U.S. Crop Subsidies to Biofuel and Related Markets Journal of Agricultural and Applied Economics 42 04 743–756

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