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College of Agricultural Sciences Personnel Profile
Personnel Photo of Jillian M Lang
Jillian M Lang
Director of Strategic Partnerships
College of Agricultural Sciences
College of Agricultural Sciences

Plant Sciences Building, Room
  • Ph D, Colorado State University; Cell and Molecular Biology
  • MS, Colorado State University; Plant Pathology
  • BS, SUNY Fredonia; Biology
Personal Website:

Dr. Jillian Lang serves the College of Agricultural
Sciences as Director of Strategic Partnerships where
she provides stewardship of external relationships
with corporate and non-profit entities. She oversees
partnerships that promote advanced research and
student success in alignment with the college
mission. Prior to this position she spent seven years
as a lab and project manager at CSU. She has
worked in Europe, Africa and Asia building research
collaborations and coordinating training workshops
for many years. She continues to conduct her own
research in the development molecular diagnostics,
understanding the evolution of bacterial
pathogenicity and host adaptation in rice, corn and
weedy grasses. She earned her B.S. in Biology from
SUNY Fredonia, her M.S. in Plant Pathology and
Ph.D. in Cell and Molecular Biology from Colorado
State University

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Lang, Jillian M, Rebits, Brittany, Newman, Steven E, Tisserat, Ned A, (2008) Monitoring Mortality of Pythium Zoospores in Chlorinated Water Using Oxidation Reduction Potential Plant Health Progress 9 1 9

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