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Joel Schneekloth
Soil and Crop Sciences
College of Agricultural Sciences

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    Melman, Daniel A., Kelly, Courtland, Schneekloth, Joel, Calderon, Francisco, Fonte, Steven John, (2019) Tillage and residue management drive rapid changes in soil macrofauna communities and soil properties in a semiarid cropping system of Eastern Colorado APPLIED SOIL ECOLOGY 143 98-106

    Rudnick, D. R., Irmak, S., West, C., Kisekka, I., Marek, T. H., Schneekloth, Joel, Mitchell McCallister, D., Sharma, V., Djaman, K., Aguilar, J., Chávez, J. L., Schipanski, Meagan Erin, Rogers, D. H., Schlegel, A., (2019) Deficit Irrigation Management of Maize in the High Plains Aquifer Region: A Review Journal of the American Water Resources Association 55 1 38-55

    Monger, Randall, Suter, Jordan, Manning, Dale Thomas, Schneekloth, Joel, (2018) "Retiring Land to Save Water: Participation in Colorado’s Republican River CREP" Land Economics

    Monger, Randall Grant, Suter, Jordan, Manning, Dale Thomas, Schneekloth, Joel, Retiring Land to Save Water: Participation in Colorado's Republican River Conservation Reserve Enhancement Program Land Economics

    Schipanski, Meagan Erin, Andales, Allan A, Chavez, Jose L, Schneekloth, Joel, Aguilar, Jonathan, Rogers, Danny, Rudnick, Daran, Shaver, Tim, Warren, Jason, Kisekka, Isaya, (2017) "The Ogallala water coordinated agricultural project: Optimizing water use for agriculture and rural communities" Proceedings of the 29th Annual Central Plains Irrigation Conference

    Schneekloth, Joel, Andales, Allan A, (2017) "Seasonal water needs and opportunities for limited irrigation for Colorado crops" CSU Extension 4.718

    Bauder, Troy A, Waskom, Reagan M, Schneekloth, Joel, Alldredge, Jerry, (2003) Best management practices for Colorado corn Bulletin (Colorado State University. Cooperative Extension Service); XCM-574A

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