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Laura Jean Hantzis
Research Associate II
College of Natural Sciences

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    Hantzis, Laura, Kroh, Gretchen, Jahn, Courtney Elaine, Cantrell, Michael, Peers, Graham, Pilon, Marinus, Ravet, Karl, (2018) A program for iron economy during deficiency in Arabidopsis rosettes targets specific Fe proteins. Plant Physiology 176 596-610

    Prins, Christine N, Hantzis, Laura, Quinn, C F, Pilon-Smits, Elizabeth AH, (2011) Effects of selenium accumulation on reproductive functions in Brassica juncea and Stanleya pinnata. Journal of experimental botany 62 15 5633-40

    Quinn, C F, Prins, Christine N, Freeman, J L, Gross, A M, Hantzis, Laura, Reynolds, Ray Jason Bixler, Yang Si, , Covey, P A, BaƱuelos, G S, Pickering, I J, Fakra, S C, Marcus, M A, Arathi, H S, Pilon-Smits, Elizabeth AH, (2011) Selenium accumulation in flowers and its effects on pollination. The New phytologist 192 3 727-37

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