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Eric Lloyd Patterson
Research Associate
Bioagricultural Sciences and Pest Management
College of Agricultural Sciences

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    Pettinga, Dean Jacob, Ou, Junjun, Patterson, Eric, Jugulam, Mithila, Westra, Philip, Gaines, Todd A, (2018) Increased chalcone synthase (CHS) expression is associated with dicamba resistance in Kochia scoparia Pest management science 74 10 2306--2315

    Kuepper, Anita, Manmathan, Harish Kumarimandhiram, Giacomini, Darci, Patterson, Eric, McCloskey, William, Gaines, Todd A, (2018) Population genetic structure in glyphosate-resistant and -susceptible Palmer amaranth (Amaranthus palmeri) populations using genotyping-by-sequencing (GBS) Frontiers in Plant Science 9 29

    Oliveira, Maxwel C, Gaines, Todd A, Dayan, Franck E, Patterson, Eric, Jhala, Amit J, Knezevic, Stevan Z, (2018) Reversing resistance to tembotrione in an Amaranthus tuberculatus (var. rudis) population from Nebraska, USA with cytochrome P450 inhibitors Pest Management Science 74 2296-2305

    Ravet, Karl, Patterson, Eric, Kr\"ahmer, Hansj\"org, , Hamouzov\'a, Kate\vrina, , Fan, Longjiang, Jasieniuk, Marie, Lawton-Rauh, Amy, Malone, Jenna M, McElroy, J Scott, Merotto, Jr, Aldo, others, , (2018) The power and potential of genomics in weed biology and management Pest management science

    Van Horn, Christopher R, Gaines, Todd A, Ravet, Karl, Patterson, Eric, Beffa, R, Gille, S, Westra, Philip, (2018) "Transcriptomic analysis of Ambrosia trifida response to glyphosate: Overlap of cell death pathways between herbicide resistance and pathogen defense?" Pest management science 108 10

    Patterson, Eric, Fleming, Margaret Brigham, Kessler, Kallie Christine, Nissen, Scott J, Gaines, Todd A, (2017) A KASP genotyping method to identify northern watermilfoil, Eurasian watermilfoil, and their interspecific hybrids Frontiers in Plant Science 8 752

    Patterson, Eric, Pettinga, Dean Jacob, Ravet, Karl, Neve, Paul, Gaines, Todd A, (2017) Glyphosate resistance and EPSPS gene duplication: Convergent evolution in multiple plant species Journal of Heredity

    Kuepper, Anita, Borgato, Ednaldo A, Patterson, Eric, Netto, Acácio Gonçalves, Nicolai, Marcelo, Carvalho, Saul JP de, Nissen, Scott J, Gaines, Todd A, Christoffoleti, Pedro J, (2017) Multiple resistance to glyphosate and acetolactate synthase inhibitors in Palmer amaranth (Amaranthus palmeri) identified in Brazil Weed Science 65 3 317-326

    Sarangi, Debalin, Tyre, Andrew J, Patterson, Eric, Gaines, Todd A, Irmak, Suat, Knezevic, Stevan Z, Lindquist, John L, Jhala, Amit J, (2017) Pollen-mediated gene flow from glyphosate-resistant common waterhemp (Amaranthus rudis Sauer): consequences for the dispersal of resistance genes Scientific Reports 7 44913

    Gaines, Todd A, Tranel, Patrick, Fleming, Margaret Brigham, Patterson, Eric, Kuepper, Anita, Ravet, Karl, Giacomini, Darci, Gonzalez, Susana, Beffa, Roland, (2017) "Applications of Genomics in Weed Science" CRC Press

    Brunharo, Caio A. C. G., , Patterson, Eric, Carrijo, Daniela R., de Melo, Marcel S. C., , Nicolai, Marcelo, Gaines, Todd A, Nissen, Scott J, Christoffoleti, Pedro J., (2016) Confirmation and mechanism of glyphosate resistance in tall windmill grass (Chloris elata) from Brazil Pest Management Science 72 9 1758-1764

    Gaines, Todd A, Barker, Abby Lynn, Patterson, Eric, Westra, Philip, Westra, Eric Philip, Wilson, Robert G., Jha, Prashant, Kumar, Vipan, Kniss, Andrew R., (2016) EPSPS gene copy number and whole-plant glyphosate resistance level in Kochia scoparia PLOS ONE 11 12 e0168295

    Kuepper, Anita, Borgato, E.A., Patterson, Eric, Netto, A GONÇALVES, , Nicolai, M, Carvalho, S.J.P., Nissen, Scott J, Gaines, Todd A, Christoffoleti, P.J., (2016) Multiple resistance to glyphosate and ALS inhibitors in Palmer amaranth (Amaranthus palmeri) identified in Brazil Weed Science

    Gaines, Todd A, Barker, Abby Lynn, Patterson, Eric, Westra, Philip, Westra, Eric Philip, Wilson, Robert, Kniss, Andrew R, (2016) Prediction of glyphosate resistance level based on EPSPS gene copy number in Kochia scoparia bioRxiv 047878

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