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Personnel Photo of Megan B Machmuller
Megan B Machmuller
Postdoctoral Fellow
Soil and Crop Sciences
College of Agricultural Sciences

Nesb Building, Room
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    Lynch, Laurel, Machmuller, Megan B, Boot, Claudia, Covino, Tim P, Rithner, Christopher D, Cotrufo, Francesca Francesca, Hoyt, David W., Wallenstein, Matthew, (2019) Dissolved Organic Matter Chemistry and Transport Along an Arctic Tundra Hillslope Global Biogeochemical Cycles 33 1 47-62

    Lynch, Laurel, Machmuller, Megan B, Cotrufo, Francesca Francesca, Paul, Eldor A, Wallenstein, Matthew, (2018) Tracking the fate of fresh carbon in the Arctic tundra: Will shrub expansion alter responses of soil organic matter to warming? Soil Biology and Biochemistry 120 134-144

    Tan, Xiangping, Machmuller, Megan B, Wang, Zhuoran, Li , X, He, W, Cotrufo, Francesca Francesca, Shen, W, (2017) Temperature enhances the affinity of soil alkaline phosphatase to Cd. Chemosphere 196 214-222

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